Hey babes, it’s been a while but I’m back with a Haul. Yup! A beauty haul comprising makeup, skincare and equipment. Click on highlighted words to redirect you to the pages of various brands.

Let me start of with the skin care product i have. This is a sugar scrub from Tiita luxury. Its their lemonade scrub and i love me some scrubs so i can’t wait to try and share my thoughts on this one.

Snapseed 7

The next thing i have are Tools. In every makeup application, one needs tools to execute that art on the face. Today’s tools are the New Evita Joseph Salted Brush collection. Evita Joseph is a Ghanaian beauty brand here in Accra-Ghana but manufactures its products from the United States of America. These brushes are salted indeed hahaha. They are just beautiful and pleasing to the eye. Just look at them ! LOVEEEEEE


The next thing is an equipment, I’ve prayed for and wanted this ever since i started my youtube journey. Finally, I’ve been able to acquire it by the Grace of God. Somethings might mean nothing to someone but to another that same thing is life! This is the Canon 50mm 1.8 STM. It focuses on what’s necessary and blurs out the rest. It takes amazing photos and it is ideal for videos, especially beauty videos; where you need to show products.

CANON 50mm

Now lets talk, MAKEUP! Shall we …

First on the bill is our very own brand SOAESTHETICS! This is a Ghanaian owned brand who just released 8 foundation shades, which was manufactured in Italy on the Ghanaian beauty market. If you didn’t know, well now you know. Also i have a  Review, first impressions and wear test of the foundations on my Youtube channel  just click on the highlighted sessions in light blue to redirect you to watch the video and also all products are listed in the YouTube description box.


Finally got my hands on one of the most hyped makeup palettes on social media. The HUDA BEAUTY Rose Gold Remastered palette


This palette retails at $65. Always make sure to buy products via links on my posts on Instagram , blog or youtube. If there are no links, make sure to purchase directly from the website of the brands.

This is simply gorgeous! I’ll be creating looks with this palette soon so follow and subscribe to my Instagram -> JESISCAH and also my YouTube ->JES ISCAH

Lastly, another hyped makeup collection on social media.


Can we have a minute silent for all this slayage by MAKEUPSHAYLA

The AD video alone, was something else i must say. They did an amazing job with the video, it was fire!! The packaging has this splash of purple and rose gold paint, which is really cool. The PR package was being sold; which i thought was pretty cool considering the fact that PR Packages aren’t usually for sale, and it was also going for only $75 for the entire collection. AMAZING!!!!! I just had to get it and i thank Rebecca so much for helping me buy and get it to Ghana. Find below images of the collection.

The items in this box are also sold individually. The Eyeshadow palette which is called the perception palette is going for $23 , the highlighters; Boomin’ and Pose are $7 each, the lux lipsticks ( Oouuu! , Quickie & C’ mon sis )are $7 each (set of 3 is $21) and then the lipgloss is $6.

Hope you enjoyed this beauty haul. Leave a comment and let me know if there’s anything on here that you have used and your thoughts on it.

Stop by again soon.

Love, Jes .

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  1. erwumbo1993 says:

    I really love the packaging on the Colourpop stuff! I’m a sucker for packaging.


    1. JES ISCAH says:

      me tooo. i love great packaging


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