Are you feeling down? Not Beautiful? Looking like you just came from planet crap ? You’re not alone! Babe, we all go through it. Yes, i said we because i sometimes feel this way too. Wait, who am i kidding , i’m obviously in that phase or been there recently that’s why I’m talking about it. But don’t worry, i found a quick fix and wanted to share with you.

For 5 days now, I’ve been feeling down, sick ; my eye keeps tearing up and i keep cleaning it, but it just keeps running down my face. I’ve been to the pharmacy and i was told it’s an allergy so they gave me something for it but it hasn’t stopped yet even though it’s getting better. My eye is a bit swollen so it puts a hold on making videos (which is annoying ) and i just don’t look and feel beautiful. I’m just a mess!

As i was feeling like crap, an idea just dropped in my head *ding*.

Get up! Go to your bathroom and do these things:

  1. Take care of your FACE – the first thing that makes you feel “not beautiful” is your face so you have to do something about that. And i don’t mean surgery, relax! Just wash your face and start to pamper your face with a skin care treat. Grab your face wash, wash your face, follow up with your favorite scrub. If you don’t have one make a sugar scrub; all you need is sugar (brown or white), add some lime in there and either olive oil or coconut oil whichever one you prefer. Scrub your face gently then wash it off. Follow up with a mask ; i love clay masks so i used my banish acne scars clay mask but you can also make egg honey mask at home. For dry skin, separate the egg yolk from the egg white and beat it. Add a bit of lemon and or honey then apply to your face, let it sit for 30minutes then rinse off. For Oily skin, same process but instead of egg yolk use only the egg white then add your lemon and or honey. For normal skin, well, just use both the yolk and egg white plus your lemon and honey. Follow up with a vitamin c serum or spray (optional) , a face moisturizer and a face oil of choice (optional) Girl, your face will feel so fresh, try it.IMG_9958
  2. Take care of your SKIN – take a long hot or cold shower. Put on some uplifting music whiles you are in there. Give your legs a treat and shave off those hairs. How to shave? Grab some soap (bar or liquid) and apply it all over your legs. Make sure your legs are covered in soap then take your shaving stick, then shave in a downward and upward motion. As you do this you’ll be shaving off the soap as well but just use you hand and a bit of water on your legs to keep your legs saturated in soap then keep shaving till it feels smooth. Do the same for your armpits and “down there”. After that, give your whole body a scrub (use your sugar scrub), wash it off and moisturize with your favorite body lotion and oils (i love bio-oil, RandR luxury body oil) Your skin will be screaming i love you. It will feel like a baby’s buttocks hahaha so freaking soft.
  3. Take care of your HAIR – Get a new look. Grab a wig in your room or go to the salon and get a weave fixed , braids, a hair cut or just wash your hair at home. Check out my post on my hair care journey to see some of the products i use for my hair. When your hair looks fresh and clean, so does your face, and ultimately so do you.
  4. Put on something BEAUTIFUL OR SEXY – Check your closet and grab something that makes your look and feel beautiful. It can be something as simple as a crop top and shorts, tights, skirt or a dress. Anything that you feel good in, put it on and admire yourself. It’s good to look in the mirror and tell yourself positive things, words of affirmation ; I’m beautiful , smart, intelligent, anyone will be lucky to have me as a friend or girlfriend or wife. Speak positive things into your life.img_3496
  5. Go shopping for anything you need – step out for a milkshake, ice cream, biscuits, food stuff , groceries , anything you want. Snapseed 2
  6. Prepare your favorite MEAL or Order in your favorite – prepare your favourite meal. It can be breakfast; a cup of tea served with bread dipped in egg, milk and a pinch of salt mixture then fried or lunch; you can prepare something you love. Rice, fried plantain with beans, waakye, yam, pasta, fufu, banku, anything. If you want something fancy too, you can simply order in. I call food that i spend a lot on as “soul food” so go ahead and order your soul food.
  7. Finally say THANK YOU LORD – Say a thank you prayer. Be glad you’re alive and grateful for how far God has brought you. Know that you were created in God’s image, fearfully and wonderfully made. You’re blessed! Have faith that the best is yet to happen in your life.

Trust me, these things would make you snap out of that “I’m not beautiful” phase real quick!

Hope this helps and you try it ! Let me know if it worked for you because, it sure did help me feel and remind me that I’m absolutely beautiful.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. I am so going to try it .l’m always looking for ways to relax and give back to myself after looking after the family. I want to love myself more so thanks for sharing.


    1. JES ISCAH says:

      awwww you should take sometime for yourself then, hope it helps you. stay blessed


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