Hi there! It’s been a while since i put down my thoughts, i know. Life happened babes, and i needed to take a break from sharing beauty videos to be with and be there for my loved ones. Hence, the reason why i shared lots of lifestyle content and vlogs on my YouTube and Instagram. I like to think that i’m ready to get back to sharing tips I’ve learnt and come across. Where better than, on here with you.

Two mornings ago, i woke up, took my shower, and there it was, staring right at me. A big dry patch on my thigh , then it hit me : We are almost in September and Mr. Harmattan is peeping through the windows. I said to myself ; Jes, you need to stay moisturised and hydrated from the inside out! Now let me share with how i’m doing that!

Ways To Stay Hydrated

DRINK LOTS OF WATER : I know you’ve heard this a thousand times , but trust me , there’s a good reason why everyone including dermatologists and skin specialists recommend drinking lots of water daily. If you’re anything like me, you probably even forget there’s something called Water but i have made conscious efforts to remind myself to drink my water. You need to drink water as early as 7am – 8pm whiles drinking in-between that time frame. If you don’t want your skin to dry out , drink water.

EAT WATERMELON : Yes , Watermelon ! Watermelons are so juicy and it hydrates from the inside. As Adrienne Houghton said “Drinking water is great but even better than drinking water is eating watermelon” Its a key to great skin ! Stay hydrated on the inside my loves.

DRINK CELERY JUICE : Girl, celery juice detoxes, cleanses and flushes out toxins from your body which clears your skin ! Drink it first thing in the morning , wait 30 minutes then drink water, and it will take out all the impurities and detoxify your skin. When getting the juice out ; chop and blend celery to smooth , make sure speed is high , strain with a fine mesh strainer and drink. Don’t add water to blend it so you get all the nutrients you need and for better results. You can find some at grocery shops like Accra Mall Shoprite, MaxMart at AnC, Koala, etc. Try it!


RANDR LUXURY : This Made in Ghana product smells good and is a fave. Love it for it’s moisturising capabilities. When you step out of the shower , put this baby all over your skin and you’ll instantly see that your skin is hydrated. You can find them on instagram and shop this bad boy.

NOKWARE SKINCARE : Another Made in Ghana brand that i love! This shea butter is just like butter! it melts right into your palms and leaves your skin super moisturised. The Shea butter with Avocado oil and Sweet Almond oil is my favourite. It also smells amazing, trust me , you’ll love it. They also have a variety of hydrating lip balms like the Honey & Vanilla balm , etc because nobody got time for dryness #NoChappedLips . Their body butter is affordable too ; GH 35 cedis. Check them out on Instagram to shop as well .

SKIN GOURMET GH : Honey, your hair also needs your love. This Hemp and shea butter by skin gourmet gh is so soft and veryyy moisturising. Take as much as your hair needs, and don’t forget to apply product to your edges and the ends of your hair. It can be used on the skin as well but i prefer to use it in my hair to help promote growth. One constant thing i need in my hair is shea butter, i use it on my scalp and in my hair. Find them also on Instagram.

My Loves, i hope you learnt something new here and you try these products I’ve mentioned out. Definitely let me know your thoughts, if and when you do try them. All the best and please No Dryness on this side. New moisturised, hydrated , radiant skin , Who this ? IT’S YOU !

Love, Jes.

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