We can all testify that getting products in and outside of Ghana is very expensive and stressful. If you get them from outside the shipping cost is crazy and sometimes the sites don’t even ship to Ghana, and then when you buy them in Ghana, the price is times 3 *sigh* Girllllll it’s stressful but hold up there is a solution for that now thanks to KENTENit .

KENTENit is a fashion ecommerce site which sells curated products (clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for Men, Women & Babies) from world’s top brands such as DKNY, DIESEL, LACOSTE, LEVI’S, RAY BAN, HUGGIES, PAMPERS,etc ,in the UK/US . They also offer a custom order service for items that are not on their website Yes babe, you can order for items from other brands or stores, so long as it’s a credible seller, Kentenit can help you purchase the items. And the best part, the price of the items remain the same, as sold by the US/UK retailer , No Mark ups! Only pay for the shipping and handling fee. If you see something on their Instagram page ( @kentenit ) that you like or you want to custom order, you can purchase via WhatsApp customer service Ghana or UK on these numbers: +233 (0) 50 955 7555 , +44 799 909 5746 . Another fabulous thing is that you can pay in your local currency , Yasssss, pay via Visa or even Mobile Money and get your items 3-7 days Express delivery. Now what are you waiting for , let’s get to shopping my sisters and brothers! click -> KENTENit to be redirect to their website now.

Check my Instagram page – @JesIscah for a video on how i use the KENTENit website! Definitely give it a try and i would love to know your experience with kentenit.

Thanks for reading and i’ll be back soon with another gist ! Love , Jes.

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