First of all , let’s be real and call a spade a spade! I’m gifted with thick “hard” hair. If you know me , you know I’m just a hairy human being hahahah (now that sounds weird lol) but seriously my parents are hairy on the head, hands and brows so i guess i got it from them.  With that being said, lets move on!

Most of you think my hair is natural but its not. i went from permed hair to natural hair 4 or 3 years ago but i was forced to perm my hair due to some unfortunate circumstances. Okay! let me explain; when i had natural hair i went to a known salon to fix a weave (mind you, this wasn’t my first weave during my natural hair days) right after fixing the weave, my scalp began to itch, and no , it wasn’t from the hair they usually use to braid the cornrows because i never use braiding hair to braid the cornrows underneath the weave. (personal preference because it itches plus i have thick hair) Then i started to experience severe migraine, to the point i took of the weave that same day and decided to go relax my natural hair a week after .

Images to back up what i said earlier (from Natural – Weave – Permed hair) :

After i permed my hair i decided to cut it , have fun with it and start growing it again !

So now the Secret of How i got my hair from short to long and healthy!

I did a LOT of protective hair styles which includes Box Braids, Buns and lots of box braids lol

I prefer big or normal size box braids because it protects your hair, grows it without putting stress on my edges. i have never braided tiny braids of any sort, ever! i believe they are too tight and also pulls your edges as well as it sometimes if not most, makes your hair come off when taking them off. why put so much stress on your hair ? Lots of manipulation causes you to loose hair so its best to NOT MANIPULATE your hair as much as you can. I recommend you do Big or normal size box braids , normal size cornrows and lastly Buns ( High or low buns )



I relax my hair almost every 2months. i know some might say that’s a lot of chemicals but if you have my thick hair you’ll be forced to even relax it every 2weeks but I’ve decided to relax it every 3months so lets just hope I’m able to stick to that. i tried so many relaxers but none of them were able to actually relax it. it always looked like i had just had a wash until i tried AFFIRM! if i say this is the only product that relaxes my hair i mean it! Some Salons in Accra that uses this product to relax hair are exotic Trendz and Senams Day spa. It doesn’t burn my scalp but yet it gets the job done!Screen Shot 2018-03-29 at 4.37.35 PM


Well, I’m determined to get my hair longer so i have started using products with natural ingredients to shampoo , condition, deep condition and leave-in my hair. These products are the CAROLS DAUGHTER  products which are suitable for natural , permed and even wigs. Where can you buy some ? Well you can find these products at the Accra mall right next to the Maybelline stand which is close to the entrance of the silverbird cinema or you can get some at Osu Viva boutique next to Christie Brown.


My Hair is happy , heathy and still on a journey so hope this helps you and please leave a comment and your recommendations below. Also follow me on Instagram by

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